6 Father Son Martial Arts Classes in and Around NYC

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Finding a unique way to bond with your child can be hard, but we hope we can help with our list of 6 father son martial arts classes in and around NYC.

Are you a parent who is too busy with you daily full-time job? At times, we can’t avoid bringing our unfinished office business home which is a really big no-no. Nowadays, parents are not only busy with work life but with technology as well. They tend to have more time facing their gadgets instead of spending quality time with their children. Whether work or social media related, it can be hard to break away from the phones and computers sometimes.  This doesn’t apply to just parents, as we all know how easily kids can get hooked to electronics. And most child care experts would agree that it’s not good to get kids hooked on them. However, sometimes you need to put them in front of an iPad to keep them occupied while you get something done. As much as these gadgets get us connected to people far from us, they also disconnect us to people around us. We miss precious moments because we are so busy attending to our handheld screens.

 6 Father Son Martial Arts Classes in NYC

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While our phones and tablets are of great help connecting us to people, it wouldn’t harm us if we could ditch it for a while and spend quality time with our children just like the old times. Why not go on a picnic or even spend parent and child classes together just like martial arts. In ancient times, war was something the leaders of a country did to expand their territory. These men trained hard to acquire exceptional combat skills. Up until modern times, combat skills were a must for those who were in the armed forces. But not only those in the armed forces are encouraged to learn martial arts. Even civilians like us can learn for the purpose of self-defense. We live in a very dangerous world now where crime is committed everywhere. Unfortunately, bullying is also becoming more common. Martial arts do not only improve us physically but they also help develop discipline, confidence, and a healthy mental disposition, while developing a positive outlook. Martial arts have different types and you can find out more on our list of 11 best martial arts for real life situations and fitness. While it’s not easy to find free martial arts classes in NYC, there is a lot to offer in the city. From Taekwondo classes NYC to karate classes in the bronx and karate classes in NYC for adults you’ll have no problem finding what you need.

 Most of the martial arts classes in NYC have different class schedules for adults and kids but since we want to have a list that allows parents and kids especially a father and son quality time through martial arts, we found some institutions who conduct martial art classes for the family. It is also nearly impossible to find institutions that conduct martial arts classes for a father and son alone. We also have private lessons if you really want to customize a father and son martial arts class alone. We did a search through Class Curious database of all things related to NYC,  and Google Search to get hold of more father son martial arts classes in NYC. The items on our list are in no particular order for they offer different types of techniques towards their students. Each martial art technique has their own uniqueness and different ways to learn them. The martial arts schools or gym that made it on our list are run by well-trained people that spent their time mastering martial arts, so they can impart their technique with quality and in a fun way, especially for the young ones. Not only kids will enjoy these classes but the parents as well and it is amazing to see the positive impact martial arts can bring not only physically but in life.

Here is our list of 6 father son martial arts classes in and around NYC.

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