10 Classes to Learn a New Language in NYC

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Speaking more than one language can prove to be particularly useful, not only when traveling, but also when applying for jobs, so we wanted to take a look at some classes to learn a new language in NYC.

There are so many uses to learning new languages, of course, although the two above are quite important. Think of it this way: you go to an interview and they ask if you speak any other language than English because the job would work really well for someone who also knew French or Spanish. Or perhaps you’re already working somewhere and a job opportunity opens up abroad, paid very well, and yet you don’t know the language. Or perhaps you have a foreign business partner that you’d impress by speaking their language.

Classes to Learn a New Language in NYC


Whatever the reasons you have to want to learn a new language, this list of the best language classes in NYC should do you good. You might also be interested in taking on these 6 Armenian language classes in NYC if that’s something you’d like to learn.

In order to create our list today, we took a look at Class Curious, a site where you can find all types of classes, from cooking to arts, from photography to languages. We also used good old Google to search for more classes, looking for the best and most varied selection. From the best Spanish classes in NYC to everything else, we tried to bring you a diverse list of programs. In the end, we split the tuition cost by the number of hours per each course to see how much learning that foreign language actually costs per hour, and then ranked them all by that.

Without further ado, here are 10 classes to learn a new language in NYC.

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