9 Controversial Conspiracy Theories About Princess Diana’s Death

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Few events have had as great a global impact as Diana’s death, which has spurned countless theories, including the following 9 controversial conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death. 

Even the title is controversial, as Diana, being born of non-royal blood, couldn’t officially be recognized as Princess Diana; the more accurate accolade would be Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. But what exactly is it about Diana that even 20 years later, the world collectively has been unable to move on and hundreds of conspiracy theories are still floating around? To understand that, you need to understand the effect that Lady Diana had on people.

9 Controversial Conspiracy Theories About Princess Diana's Death

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Before she married Prince Charles, Lady Diana was an ordinary kindergarten teacher, thus making her the first royal bride to hold a paying job before getting married. Furthermore, she was the first Englishwoman in around 300 years to marry an heir apparent, two attributes which combined led to the media, and through the media, the public becoming infatuated with her. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was incredibly stunning and graceful to boot, making regular public appearances which made her even more endearing to the general public. To put this into perspective, an estimated audience of around 750 million people watched the royal wedding.

However, even the most optimistic man would agree that real life is hardly a fairy tale. As time went by, the marriage started falling apart, and finally ended in divorce in 1996. A year later, her story came to a tragic end when she died in a car crash in a tunnel in Paris, attempting to escape paparazzi, while the crash also saw her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul passing away. The death shocked the world in a way few events have since, and a reported 32 million people in Britain watched her televised funeral. Since the event was so tragic and profound, it led to new conspiracy theories being borne every day, some of which even made us sit up and take notice. You can find some of the theories on 6 Conspiracy Theories About Princess Diana’s death. Of course, sometimes, even the wildest conspiracy theories turn out to be true, as evidenced in 26 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Were Proven True. On the other hand, some are just too ridiculous to be true, as evidenced by 9 New World Order, Illuminati and Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories. While officially her death was attributed to a negligent driver, we scoured the web to determine plausible conspiracy theories which still have not been effectively denounced. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the controversial conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death:

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