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Facebook Inc (FB)’s New Money Splash Will Be The Real Deal

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) might have squandered a couple of billion dollars here and there in the past making acquisitions and such, but the new investment......(read more)

2 Reasons Why Facebook Inc (FB) Fell Today Despite A Reasonable Earnings Report: Gene Munster

Facebook Inc (FB), JetBlue Airways Corporation (JBLU)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is currently down about 6.18% and is trading at $75.78. In an interview on CNBC, Gene Munster, who is a senior analyst at Piper......(read more)

Why Facebook Inc (FB) Isn’t The Only Unicorn That Venture Capitalists Should Hunt?

Facebook Inc (FB), JetBlue Airways Corporation (JBLU)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a unicorn, or at least was one, since the tech company has added billions to its valuation since its inception. Venture capitalists......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB): Bob O’Donnell Said There Shouldn’t Be Big Surprises In The Earnings Report

Biggest IPOs in US History
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s earnings will be available today after the market closes and everybody is eager to get their eyes on the numbers. The approximately......(read more)

Analysts’ Expectations Infer That Twitter Inc (TWTR) Is No Match For Facebook Inc (FB)

Facebook FB Twitter TWTR Social Media Stocks
While Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) struggles to get things working properly in the company, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is fiercely growing stronger in terms......(read more)

Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s In Need Of A Miracle As Analysts Expect Losses Of $0.27 A Share

Twitter Inc (TWTR), NYSE:TWTR
It’s been a malevolent year for Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), which’s social platform did not impress with its activities so far. The company has been......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB) Can Settle Somewhere Between Approximately $75.4 and $85.9 On Wednesday

Top Venture Investors
Ahead of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) earnings that will be available tomorrow the CNBC’s Options Action Traders team brainstormed about some strategies......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB)’s Zuckerberg Gets a 9 out of 10 rating on His Chinese From Jeff Wang

Facebook Inc (FB), JetBlue Airways Corporation (JBLU)
Either Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)‘s CEO, is a genius, or it is not that time consuming to be at the helm of the world’s biggest......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB) And Google Inc (GOOGL) Slurping The World’s Advertising Revenues: Jim Cramer

facebook FB social media world icon computer internet
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) And Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) have made their mark in the advertisement business. It was harder for Facebook  to fully realize......(read more)

Is Facebook Inc (FB) After China’s 618 Million Internet Users Or The Country’s Top Professionals?

Facebook Like
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s CEO is expected to attend the board meeting at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, China. Bloomberg estimated......(read more)

Google Inc. (GOOGL) And QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) Pursue Same Interest As Both Invests On Magic Leap For Augmented Reality Development

Google GOOGL
Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has signaled its intention of pursuing the augmented reality space after investing $542 million on Magic Leap, a startup shrouded......(read more)

Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s Flying High On Payment Upgrades

twitter twtr facebook fb
Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has spread its wings and is ready for the take-off. Its stock gained almost 6.5% altitude throughout the last 5 days and is not......(read more)

Could It Be That Facebook Inc (FB) Is Not Doing Quite Well?

Biggest IPOs in US History
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) rose some 5.5% in the course of the last 5 days, showing life symptoms through kicks in the stock price. It’s close to 77$......(read more)

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)’s Audience Monetization Key to Future Success: Martin Nisenholtz

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)
Embattled Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO, Marissa Mayer, is set to announce the company’s earnings at a time she is facing immense scrutiny on the under......(read more)

Facebook Inc. (FB): The Beginning Of End For Google Inc. (GOOGL)’s Youtube

Facebook Like
The race for advertisers in digital advertising is heating up as Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) continues to gain an upper-hand at the expense of its fiercest......(read more)

Hedge Fund News: James Dinan, John Burbank & David Einhorn

Milwaukee Bucks add third hedge fund owner (CNBC) The big “bucks” keep flowing from Manhattan to Milwaukee. Billionaire investor Jamie Dinan......(read more)

After $3 Million Spent For Quality Assurance, Facebook Inc (FB) Doubles The Stake

facebook FB social media world icon computer internet
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock got a bump of almost 2%, up to the price of approximately $72.6,in pre-market as the company made two major announcements......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB) Stripping Your Privacy In New And Fancy Ways

top smartphone apps employers don't allow their staff to use
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is bent on weaving location check in our lives to an extent that we forget that we once had a thing called privacy. This time......(read more)

Why Netscape Owner doesn’t Believe in Apple Inc. (AAPL) TV?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is holding an event at Cupertino, California headquarters today, but is there going to be any news about the most sought after......(read more)

Apple Inc. (AAPL) And Facebook Inc. (FB) Gets Support From Fertility Authority CEO, Gina Bartasi on Egg-Freezing

Best Selling Apps For Iphone and iPad
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) might have found a unique way of keeping more women on board as one of the ways of countering the......(read more)

With What Will Facebook Inc (FB) Come Back From South Korea?

Facebook Like
In anticipation of any serious threat from competition, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is violently broadening its perspectives. The company sensed the latest......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB), Twitter Inc (TWTR): Will The Rising Threats From Pinterest Result In Deadly Consequences?

twitter twtr facebook fb
Social media has been a battleground, even from roman times when people asked only for “bread and circuses” in order to get cheap food and gladiator......(read more)

Facebook Inc (FB) Stars’ $25 million Investment To Protect Users

Facebook Like
It’s not only Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)‘s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg that makes important financial decisions for the Zuckerberg family. His wife......(read more)

Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s Game Changer New Feature Is Smart, Convenient, Profitable, But Not Impressive

Twitter Inc (TWTR), NYSE:TWTR
Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) isn’t looking good year to date, almost 24% is a hard fall to approximately $48.5, but the blue bird can still fly its way......(read more)

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Is In A Good Product Cycle Right Now: Walter Price

Apple Store on 5th Avenue, New York City. Designed by San Francisco based design firm Eight Inc.
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s price is singing that “there will be, ups and downs, smiles and frowns” until the markets show growth in green numbers......(read more)
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