Wealthiest Photographers in the World

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Want to know who are the wealthiest photographers in the world? Whether they take pictures of nature, models, landscapes, celebrities, animals, conflicts or politicians, these artists are without a doubt some of the most talented of the industry. Although their net worth is hard to establish, these photographers have definitely managed to make art and win several awards, as well as incredible prestige, with their work.

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Are you curious about the wealthiest photographers in the world? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

 Wealthiest Photographers in the World

10. Zhang Jinghua

With only 26 years, Zhang Jinghua is already one of the top ten richest photographers in the world. With several accolades and prices under her arm, this Chinese-Singaporean young woman has, without a doubt, an amazing future ahead of her. Zhang Jinghua has already shot for Mercedes Benz, Canon, Pond’s, Elle magazine, and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising among other major clients.


9. Timothy Allen

Besides being a wealthy photographer, this English man is also a prominent filmmaker. Timothy Allen has worked for the Sunday Telegraph and The Independent, but he is best known for his prints of indigenous communities around the world. A zoology graduate, this unique photographer is one of the wealthiest at the moment.


8. George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz is a unique photographer who managed to combine his Geophysics degree and his photographing career in a remarkable way. The work of this American photographer has been featured in Smithsonian, The New Yorker, and even the legendary National Geographic. Steinmetz is a wealthy man who snaps his pictures from a motorized paraglide, resulting in exceptional prints of inaccessible corners of the Earth.


7. Nick Veasey

Yet another exotic artist, Nick Veasey’s work is devoted to the creation of images using X-ray imaging. This British photographer has had exhibitions in galleries all around the world and has won several awards for his photography and designs.


6. Marco Grob

Marco Grob, a Swiss photographer who is currently living in New York, began his career shooting still life. Since he decided on his career path change over a decade ago, Grob has become one of the highest paid portrait photographers in the world. This wealthy man has shot every celebrity and public figure you can imagine, from Bill Clinton to Lady Gaga, from Barack Obama to George Clooney, and from Robert Plant to Jeff Bridges.


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