The World’s Most Famous Circuses

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Entertainment comes in many different forms and the world’s most famous circuses know exactly what keeps an audience amused. Spectacular acrobatics, jaw-dropping magicians, and performers of all kinds are the essence of the 21st century circus. While animal tamers and human freaks used to be the centre of attention in the traditional, colourful tents, today’s venues stray away from these clichés, making the circus a less harmful experience. However, the public’s admiration and awe remains the same.

Playing with fire, water, light, and aerodynamics have always been essential in creating the magical atmosphere of a circus and although most animals have been removed from the circus, some remain in the spotlight. If you’re curious about the world’s most famous animals and their path to stardom, check out our previous compilation. But for now, let’s focus on extraordinary humans with peculiar talents: these are the world’s most famous circuses.

6. New Shanghai Circus

Of course, circuses aren’t only a preferred form of entertainment in occidental societies, but also in the Eastern hemisphere of the world. In fact, this circus, also known as Acrobats of China, focuses on re-interpreting traditional Chinese dances and fuses them with spectacular costumes and state of the art technology and set designs. The combination of aesthetics, music, and skills certainly makes for a magical circus atmosphere.

5. Swamp Circus

This acrobatic collective was founded in Sheffield in 1986 and is one of the world’s most famous circuses. With some of the best trapeze artists in England, and a large variety of performers including stilt walkers, jugglers, mime artists, living statues, and unicyclers, it’s the country’s longest running contemporary circus. However, Swamp Circus isn’t only an audience favourite because of its high-flying acts and extraordinary musicians: a significant chunk of the company’s earnings go to charity, in order to promote ecological living and improve health awareness amongst the youths.

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