Most Expensive Leather Shoes in the World

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In the fashion world, pricey footwear is usually associated with women, but the most expensive leather shoes in the world are actually made for men. Now, while females may have a vast array of design options when it comes to their shoes, being able to choose from stiletto sandals, to flat over-knee boots, or oxford pumps, men oftentimes rely more on quality fabrics to demonstrate their sense of style. In this regard, leather has been the go-to choice for men’s footwear since Greeks, and the animal skin is still considered one of the most precious materials in today’s fashion world.

For those of you who think leather shoes are beyond your budget, take a peek at our list of the biggest outlet malls in the world for luxury goods sold at a discount price. However, this article will focus on the wealthier, fashionable men, who don’t mind spending a dollar or two on their accessories. So, let’s see which are the most expensive leather shoes in the world and what sets them apart from other footwear.

8. Tanino Crisci

Price: $1,250

These magnificently crafted, Lilian style shoes are amongst the most desired in the male fashion industry, due to their elegant and sleek shape. However, what sets them apart is the leather’s texture, which appears granulated and features notable linings on the front of the shoe.


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