Best Hair Stylists

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Cutting someone’s hair and colouring it are the most common tasks amongst hair dressers, but the best hair stylists in the world go the extra mile for their clients. From customizing their trims, to styling them for photo sessions and events of all kinds, these top-notch professionals know their way around a full head of hair. Although many of the ladies and gentlemen on this list are highly sought-after when it comes to runway shows or fashion campaigns, their salons are open to all clientele…as long as they can afford it.

If fashion is a big part of your world, then you might enjoy our previous article on 10 the most expensive dresses ever worn to the Oscars. Be sure to notice the actresses’ hairstyles, because most of the ladies on that list are long term customers and even friends with some of Hollywood’s stylist elite. So, let’s take a look at the best hair stylists on the market right now, what their specialty is and who they like to spoil the most.

6. David Mallett

If you’re looking to get your hair cut, coloured, and styled by Paris’ best, then be ready to spend at least $315 at the Salon de Coiffeur. David Mallet is so sought after by models, celebrities, and the Parisian elite, that you need to make an appointment at his salon three weeks in advance. But that should come as no surprise with clients like Diane Kruger, Julianna Moore, Sharon Stone, or Marion Cotillard.

5. Serge Normant

Located at the John Frieda Salon on New York City’s Washington Street, Serge Normant charges about $600 to cut your hair and style it. While men can solicit an appointment with the extremely popular coiffeur, his specialty is women with longer hair. Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, and Gisele Bündchen are just some of his frequent customers.

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