The 10 Most Expensive Underwear in the World

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Want to know which is most expensive underwear in the world? Earlier this month, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio were the lucky Angels chosen to model the $2 million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras at the yearly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This collection, which started in 1996, includes some of the most expensive pieces of underwear in the world. Naturally, female underwear and lingerie is much costlier than men’s underwear; and this resonates at the highest level too. Unluckily enough for you girls, we won’t be seeing any golden boxers on our list, but rather some racy pieces of luxurious lingerie.

Most Expensive Underwear in the World

Underwear belongs to the most secret aspect of our lives, and although we are constantly bombarded by lingerie advertising, some people still prefer to keep those things in private. If you are one of those private people, you will probably enjoy our list on The 8 Most Secluded Homes In The World, where you could likely walk around inside and outside of your property in nothing but your lingerie, with nary an eye to spy upon you (and your underwear).

Are you curious about the most expensive underwear in the world? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

10. Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt

Made out of gold, pearls, and diamonds, this 2002 creation of South African jeweler Uwe Koetter costs $20,000.  Chastity belts may sound a little bit dated in the 21st century, but however controversial such an item is, the belt was specially ordered by a private British client.

We can’t promise no more chastity belts on our ranking of the most expensive underwear in the world, but we can promise many more pieces of tantalizing and exotic undergarments. Keep reading to see what we mean.

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