Best Countries for Photographers to Work in

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If you make your money by taking great pictures, you’re surely curious to know which the best countries for photographers to work in are. From incredible landscapes, to astonishing light, and noteworthy culture, these nations have everything a professional photographer could desire. While it’s true that you can take a fantastic photo anywhere, being in the right place can really enhance your chances of catching a special moment with impeccable composition, guaranteeing an awesome portfolio to secure multiple free-lance jobs.

In a previous article, we talked about the 5 best paying freelance careers, and what skills are needed to fulfil them. Freelance photographers are certainly featured on this list, given their ability to make a very healthy salary with the right client base. However, more important than the client is the actual work and here’s where our list comes into play. So, let’s take a look at the best countries for photographers to work in and what makes them so special.

5. Morocco

Travel photographers are always on the hunt for scenarios that capture the essence of a national or local culture. Thus, they should feel right at home in this marvellous country, packed with intense colours and aromas in the city’s streets. But it’s not only bedazzling scarfs and wild markets in Morocco: the topographic diversity (think Atlas Mountains and the Sahara) offers plenty opportunities for landscape photographers as well.

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