Top 10 Largest Grocery Store Chains In America

The top 10 largest grocery store chains in America are a mix of large public and private companies serving millions of people through their well-positioned stores across the country. The global grocery market has continuously evolved, from simple brick and mortar stores a few decades ago, to large supermarket and boutique chains today. Trends have changed in the food retail business and major stores today have even gone online, with different models like ‘order online, pick up in store’ and ‘home delivery’ having become quite popular.

Large e-commerce players like Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) have also entered the food business with a bang. AmazonFresh has rolled out one-hour delivery in 10 cities in the UK and Europe, while Amazon Go utilizes the world’s most advanced shopping technology to allows customers to grab and go. That has forced grocery stores in America to evolve as well, in order to keep pace with the changing trends.

Top 10 Largest Grocery Store Chains In America


Customers today have become increasingly diverse, in terms of income levels and purchasing patterns. For many, cooking has become an experience, more so than a daily routine. As such, there has been an increased demand for meal kits. There is also increasing awareness about healthy eating habits and organic food. Hence the top 10 largest grocery store chains in America have a lot more to offer to their customers today than they did years ago.

Though technologies are advancing and trends are changing fast, you might still prefer to go out for Sunday shopping with the family. The U.S houses many of the world’s largest grocery store chains and most of them also have an online presence. The list of the top 10 largest grocery store chains in America has been inspired from various sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and The list consists of well-known grocery stores across America and is ranked based on the number of stores that they operate. Check it out beginning on the next page. And for further grocery-related reading, check out our list of the 11 largest grocery chains by revenue in America.