11 Best Karaoke Songs for Girl Groups

If you are looking for a great song to sing next time you go out to a bar with a group of friends, pick from our list of 11 best karaoke songs for girl groups.

Soprano is the highest vocal range for singers, generally considered to be a female range, (though many male artists have a partial, or even full, Soprano abilities). While many women do fall into the stereotypical Soprano category, many are also classified as First Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, and even First Tenor. If you and a few of your closest lady friends have some impressive vocal abilities— especially if you have a wide variety of vocal ranges— it might be a great idea to unite forces and create a stellar girl karaoke group.



Karaoke is a great time, as long as you don’t mind watching a bunch of your friends— or even better, strangers— get drunk, sing and dance badly, and make a fool of themselves. I am always quite partial to this type of fun. My latest karaoke pick was “Let it Go” from the Disney animated film Frozen. I got a pretty good response, so I think I can say that I am a Karaoke master. However, I always have the most fun when singing in a group.

In order to create our list of best karaoke songs for girl groups, we used Take Lessons and Billboard as our sources. First, we cross-referenced to compile a list of all of the best choices, and then ranked them according to their average ranking across platforms. Keep in mind that our personal tastes did come into play a bit here, as there are so many amazing song choices out there.

If you have a high voice and would like to find some solo songs as well, please feel free to check out our list of 10 best karaoke songs for Sopranos.

Without further ado, here is our list of 11 best karaoke songs for girl groups.