10 Biggest Flea Markets On The East Coast

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, check out our list of 10 biggest flea markets on the east coast.

If you’re a local, or taking a trip to the area, also consider our list of best flea markets in New York City and New Jersey.

What is a flea market? Generally, the term “flea market” is used to describe an outdoor bazaar of sorts, in which a variety of third-party vendors may sell secondhand goods or handmade items. I love taking a nice day trip to the flea market. They always seem like more of an event than a traditional thrift store, and you can walk around all day with a nice weather-appropriate beverage and enjoy the company of the other market-goers. Some of my best thrifted finds include a decorator plate with a picture of a foaming-at-the-mouth pit bull on it, a vintage Christmas holly printed tea set, and a $1 Nekromantix concert tee shirt. I love a good deal, and it’s hard to resist the call of a good flea market.   

10 Biggest Flea Markets On The East Coast


In looking for the biggest flea markets on the East Coast, we had to check the web for credible sources on the matter. We found great information from Trip Advisor, Fodors Travel, and Flea Market Insider. Ranking these flea markets was somewhat challenging. To say that a flea market is the “biggest” could be quantified by the size of the venue, variety of items being sold, number of vendors, number of attendees, etc. To be safe, we included the flea markets with the widest variety of items to sell. The other items were considered to be secondary quantifiers.

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