25 Hardest Words To Spell For 6th Graders

If you really want a nice challenge, you should take a look at these hardest words to spell for 6th graders.

I won my school’s spelling bee in seventh grade, so I know a thing or two about how to spell some words. My winning word was “caffeine,” which is something I am highly familiar with, so it’s funny that they didn’t even throw a challenge at me. I honestly didn’t even know the spelling bee was happening or to prepare for it, so I just kind of got up there and somehow did better than everyone else. I ended up having to go to the district spelling bee, where I didn’t win, but it was fine because the whole process was annoying and lame anyway.

 25 Hardest Words To Spell For 6th Graders


In the age of autocorrect and technology, actually learning how to spell without some type of aid isn’t something that’s common anymore. You could argue that autocorrect actually teaches people better because it shows you the correct spelling after you tried really hard to get it right the first time. For me, there are some words that are kind of challenging even into adulthood, and when autocorrect takes the wheel I feel quite serene. I think middle school students these days have it easy with the ability to easily check the spelling of certain words and teach themselves with the help of technology. Younger students are so smart, which is also evidenced by the easiest debate topics for middle school. Even middle schoolers can engage in interesting debate!

In order to create this list of hardest words to spell for 6th graders, we took a look at some credible spelling websites around the internet. In this case, we used Spelling Words Well, Your Dictionary, and Spell Quizzer. From there, we aggregated the most commonly misspelled words by students. There’s no particular order to this list since, for the most part, these are all equally difficult.

Get your thinking caps on for the hardest words to spell for 6th graders.