10 States With no or Least Poisonous Snakes in America

Although venomous snakes are spread throughout whole America lets’ find out which 10 states with no or least poisonous snakes in America are.

Only 20 snake species are venomous in the US, among around 150 of them, but surprisingly they are present in almost every state. Interestingly, in 10 States With the Most Venomous Snakes in America none of these venomous snakes are considered endangered comparing to states with least venomous snake species, where some of them even got extinct!

10 States With no or Least Poisonous Snakes in America

James DeBoer/Shutterstock.com

Venomous animals, in general, are often being met in warmer climates. That is also the case in the US, the northern belt has less than 5 poisonous animals per state, and the figure gradually grows towards the south, where Arizona has the most poisonous animals (around 30 species). So, according to that, states with no or least venomous snakes in America also tend to be the northernmost.  That is to be expected, because snakes usually prefer warmer climates, being cold blooded animals that cannot produce heat themselves to warm their bodies. However, snakes are adaptable creatures that inhabit most variable ecosystems, from deserts, forests, swamps, meadows to the open seas. During the winter, especially in colder areas, snakes hibernate in the underground tunnels or some other protected shelters. Poisonous snakes that inhabit these states do not belong to the most venomous snakes in America, and are usually quite rare, and also encounters with humans are very uncommon.

For the information on states with no or least poisonous snakes in America, we have consulted primarily Venombyte and Cobras sites. After picking states with no or least poisonous snakes, we have compared the data with governmental and wildlife sources for each of these states in order to rank the states on our list. Let’s see which are the safest states concerning venomous snakes in America.