10 Easiest Flute Songs To Play For Beginners

Learning a new instrument is hard to do, which is why we’ve compiled the easiest flute songs to play for beginners.

The only instrument I know how to play is the guitar, so I’m not too familiar with wind instruments. I have a feeling that if I tried to play a wind instrument I would pass out. I have decent breath control, but those types of instruments are a whole different ball game. It requires a different type of skill that I really don’t have. I get out of breath walking up and down subway stairs, so I really don’t think I’m the guru when it comes to breathing in rhythm unless it’s singing. I’m quite proud of anyone who can play the flute because the sound is really cute and I can imagine it’s difficult to focus on the breathing part and the note playing part at the same time.

10 Easiest Flute Songs To Play For Beginners


Learning a new instrument takes a lot of time and practice. It can be easy to pick the most challenging song to play at first because it’s your favorite, but it’s important to pace yourself and start off slow so you don’t start to get discouraged. The greatest musicians didn’t start out by playing the hardest piece ever written; they learned the basics and built upon those critical skills to become the talented players they are. If you want to be one of the greats someday, you might be interested in the easiest instruments to learn how to play. Of course, learning to play an instrument takes a lot of dedication and practice, so just because something is called easy to learn doesn’t mean you don’t still need to take the time out to learn.

In order to create this list of easiest flute songs to play for beginners, we used 8notes and a YouTube channel called EasyMusicPlay to see what the easiest songs for beginner flute players are. After we aggregated our main list of songs, we tried to sort our list by difficulty. Of course, there isn’t necessarily a quantifiable way to rank them, so these are merely suggestions and they are all great for beginners.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the easiest flute songs to play for beginners.