Top 10 Anesthesiology Residency Programs in America

You’re getting sleepy and it’s time for the top 10 anesthesiology residency programs in America. You might feel a little drowsy thinking about these programs, but don’t worry we are monitoring your progress the whole time.

One of my favorite anesthesiologists is probably Bow, played by Tracey Ellis Ross on the TV show Blackish. Well, her or my real life anesthesiologists who each helped me through three different surgical procedures. It’s hard to choose. On the one hand, she’s super funny and charming. On the other hand, they actually provided me incredibly important medical care. So, you can see why it’s a close call, but in the end I’m going to have to go with the real-life doctors. I think you would too. And I REALLY like the show Blackish, so that’s saying a lot.

 Top 10 Anesthesiology Residency Programs in America


Being an anesthesiologist is certainly great as you clearly win the admiration of your patients over fictional television characters and generally get to save and improve lives. But if you are an anesthesiologist, or training to become one, where should you do all this great medical work? Well, we have the list for you. You may also be interested in the 10 Most Competitive Residency Programs in US.

When it comes to ranking residency programs within the US, nothing comes close to Doximity. No matter which article regarding residency program rankings you come across, you will find the source to be Doximity. It is a network of over half a million US healthcare professionals and that includes a lot of doctors as well. Doximity conducted a survey using their members, basically what happened is that doctors themselves nominated and voted best residency programs in the US.

They also published a document discussing their methodology. You can refer to that document for more information about the ranking system. Basically, the doctors voted to decide which residency programs were best for a given discipline. You can check out their Residency Navigator for yourself. We sorted the anesthesiology residency programs by their reputation using the aforementioned tool, and now we will share our findings with you. Please enjoy the top 10 anesthesiology residency programs in America.