10 Short Inspirational Poems for Children

When teaching children to read, it’s good to find ways to make reading as enjoyable as possible, that’s why we created a list of 10 short inspirational poems for children. Just like every painting in 12 Famous Paintings With the Stories Behind Them, each poem has a story behind it as well.

Fortunately, these stories can often be discovered simply by reading the poem. It’s easy to imagine 19th century Christina Rosetti overlooking a scenic view on a windy day, while writing Who Has Seen the Wind. And there’s no doubt modern day Amy Vanderwater was admiring her collection of seashells while writing Shell Teeth.

What better way to enlighten a child than by teaching them a poem. Have no fear, these short poems are a lot meatier than “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..” But they’re not Shakespeare, either. They’re easy to learn, but most of all, many of them have deeper meanings which teach children life lessons, and inspire even the young at heart. Other poems will simply make them chuckle.

10 Short Inspirational Poems for Children

Garnet Photo/Shutterstock.com

Some poetry can be a drag, even for adults, but when you read a poem that really sticks, it can be a satisfying feeling, much like reading a book that you never want to end. One surefire way to enjoy these is to read them aloud to a child. We all know reading poems in our heads isn’t nearly as fun.

So, child or adult, we hope you enjoy these 10 short inspirational poems for children, and gain a little from them, too.