Top 10 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

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If you are a travel junkie at heart this post would be a great help for you to identify the top places to visit before they disappear in the world map because of destruction, pollution, and climate change. There are endless of magnificent sights to see all over the world. But we don’t really know how long these wonderful sights would be sitting right there in its spot and be waiting for you to pay a visit. You may be thinking you’re still young and you have all the time to take travelling around the globe at your own phase. But in reality, the clock is ticking fast and the glaciers up in the North are dramatically thawing, setting an end to the life of different places on Earth. And that’s the reason why we put up this list for you just like our previous post about the top 10 places to visit before you die. Now, we have to give back our time to Mother Nature. She’s out there waiting for us to come see her innermost.

We are sitting chill in front of our computers or smart phone without knowing that there are certain parts of the world that are crying and rarely surviving the drastic climate change and exposure to pollution to which we are guilty of. Imagine not having one of the largest rainforests in the world anymore, or not having to see Maldives, or not able to experience yet riding the Gondolas? It’s heartbreaking to know that if you wouldn’t be aware of these places you might not be able to experience and appreciate them in the first place.

So, are you ready for a trip all over the world to see the top 10 places to visit before they disappear? Awesome! Take note of these places, mate!

10. Bangladesh

Earlier this year, a big chunk of Sundarban Islands was engulfed by the raging waves of the sea. How did this happen? It’s the effect f global warming which keeps on directing so much heat to our planet that it is affecting the preservation of humongous glaciers on Earth increasing the sea level, making it flood to low areas and anywhere. So get your head into Bangladesh to visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and their “beautiful forests” in Bangladesh before it’s gone.


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