7 Best Boarding Schools in America

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If you have the money for education, it is a good idea to know the 7 best boarding schools in America. What most parents realize is that there are some things that boarding schools teach that are not taught in regular schools. For instance, if you want to teach your children independence, it is a good idea that you let them explore the world on their own through the 7 best boarding schools in America.

Independence is something that is hard to teach children. This is the reason why a lot of them are culture shocked when they go to college. Apart from the fact that they are on their own eventually in life, they don’t learn how to interact with people their age in an educational setting that fosters independence.


For a lot of parents, they are wondering about the cost of education. Given the availability of competent public school education in North America, why would you settle for something that is expensive? It is a common misunderstanding that you need to spend a huge amount of your lifetime savings in order to have a child go to boarding school. If you will look at the list of the cheapest boarding schools in America, you’ll be surprised by how much you only need to pay.

If you are decided to get your child to study in one of the 7 best boarding schools in America, then this is a good idea. Apart from teaching him or her to be independent, and learn to interact with same minded individuals early in life, he or she will also be learning from the best teachers. These boarding schools are known for hiring highly qualified faculty that could hone your child’s intellectual skills.

Since you are paying for 7 best boarding schools in America, you can expect that your child is more focused. Why? Given the smaller classes, the children have a more conducive learning environment for learning. They also have some of the best facilities that would make the most of the learning experience. This makes it easy not only for the faculty to teach their class, but also for children to learn from their teachers.

7. Holderness School

Located in Plymouth, New Hampshire, this boarding school has an average SAT score of 1800. For someone who is looking to ensure the overall learning of his or her child, this is among the best institutions that could offer that. One of the secrets to their success is their small classes which average to 12 students per class.

Holderness School

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