10 Most Expensive First Class Airline Tickets

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Ever wondered what the most expensive first class airline tickets in the world could be? It might surprise you how luxurious the most luxurious airplane traveling can get. Even if reaching your destination may be the ultimate goal, traveling first class can make all the difference in the world. From caviar and champagne to private cabins, some airlines offer grandeur to their first class passengers that know no bounds. Of course, the money you end up spending is a whopping sum too but some may say that it’s totally worth it!

Some of these most expensive first class airline tickets can provide an experience of the best hotel suites you can imagine and with the extra perk of a mid-air cloud views. Beats mountain views and sea facing suite rooms any day. And, they spell classy and suaveness like no other. Some may even make you feel the impression of a private jet. You could get all the privacy in the world in your private cabins and also, mingle with other first class passengers in exclusive lounge areas. Yes! All within an airplane.

But, in case you are just wondering how expensive one’s travel plans could get even when you give the luxury a pass, do look into The 9 Most Expensive Airline Tickets You Could Ever Buy. This list will tell you that even when you are flying economy how the distance and lay-offs can bring your ticket prices up to a whopping amount. Though, it might also bust our notion that non-stop flights are less expensive. This might be an interesting and eye-opening view of how your travel plans can end up burning a hole in your pocket.

So if you are a multi-millionaire looking to spend your extra cash for a splendid flying experience, you think your opulent holiday plans need the perfect travel- experience build up  or you are just plain curious how the celebrity clan and billionaires of the world do their traveling you might want to keep reading on.

Here’s a list of the most expensive first class airline tickets for those who like to do their travelling in style.

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