12 Most Expensive Places to Live in the World

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You would be surprised to know that 12 most expensive places to live in the world are all outside US. Ask any of your colleague, friend or relative who has been to different parts of the world. You might not believe what they will tell you. Well, even if you don’t know anyone who has been to different cities around the world, let us give you an idea.

MVF Global and Expert Market put together a list of some of the most expensive places to live in the world for people travelling for business purpose and the results they came up with might startle you. Not even a single city in United States was able to make the top 20. However, when the list goes up to top 30, only New York and San Francisco appear in it with their expense of $443 and $445 for a single day respectively.


According to the chief of Expert Market, Ian Wright, Europe being one of the most expensive continent is no surprise, however, the most shocking thing to know is not even a single city in the US is ranked among the top 20. It is surprising because the cost of hotel rooms and several other expenses in San Francisco and New York are extremely high. Not seeing them among the top 20 is nothing less than a shock.

So, if you are planning your next trip in any part of the world, whether general or business, it is ideal to get an idea about the cost of travel and living. There are several ways of doing that, do a bit of research on the internet, visit different websites, go through different blogs, or you can even ask the natives or residents about the cost of living and basic necessities in different cities around the world. However, there are certain cities that stand out when it comes to expenses.  So, if you are willing to know about the highly expensive cities, you have come to the right place. Other than that you might also be interested in knowing more about top 15 most expensive countries in the world.

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