10 Billionaires Who Live Like Regular People

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Money – a dream which each of the 10 billionaires who live like regular people had at some point in their life. We all strive for more money, after all the world the way we made it requires it from us. We rely on it to survive, create, be entertained and fulfill pretty much any dream we have, however non-materialistic it may be. While our lives revolve around money, those people’s lives have satisfied their monetary needs. These billionaires have either lost the meaning of money or saw that there is a higher truth than spending more and more. Others just life frugally to save up more. While this may seem like a Scrooge-esque way of living, these people find meaning in it and keep on going in their own, unusual way.


Unlike our list of the 7 most frugal billionaires, this one is not a top 10, it is just a list of ten people who opted out for a simpler life. Their lives aren’t burdened by tons and tons of material possessions and nor are their bank accounts. After all, too much of anything is never good. Being surrounded by everything you could possibly ever want in life probably sucks the appeal out of it for these people so they just keep things simple.

Although people have the tendency to blame people who own vast amounts of money for being frugal, labeling them Scrooges, people should also understand how being true to yourself can take you down a similar path. After all, many of these people owe a huge portion of their wealth to the fact that they live humbly, without shedding out too much for toys like yachts, expensive cars, mansions and various other items which identify a billionaire in the modern world. Without further ado, let’s take a look at ten billionaires who live like regular people.

10. Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney is notorious for having founded Duty-Free Shoppers. Money has never been  an object to the seventy-six years old Mr. Feeney. However, he does not own a car nor does he own a house. He lives strictly to work hard, not get richer. Aside from all that, Feeney has donated more than four billion dollars to charity.

 Chuck Feeney

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