8 Best Universities for Finance in the World

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Given that we live in a world which is run by money, the 8 best universities for finance in the world may be a very good choice for the first steps of a long, successful career. Finance has long ago left the age when it was confined to just calculating your income and expenses. Today, finance is a whole branch of science on its own, having enough abstraction intertwined with its branches to be considered a borderline art.

Finance is an important aspect of our lives, coming close only to Engineering. It’s where many fundamentals of life meet and work together to form the hoops which hold the barrel of business together. While not being an absolutely exact science, finance is a high-risk, fast paced field where important decisions can make the difference between life and death for many people’s dreams and ventures. From allocating assets to and forth in time, to making complex predictions for the motions of global markets, anyone working in the field has to have a razor sharp mind and nerves of steel. It’s a tough work to do, however comfortable people doing it might look in their suits and offices.


Having said all this, you can imagine that educating someone to be an adept specialist comes with a lot of hard work, time and dedication. In a field where experience is the best teacher, a good university has to offer some of the most advanced teaching and simulation techniques to ensure that the output of qualified professionals is up to par with the strict modern demand. The universities in this list, aside from being the top 8 best financial universities in the world, are also places where some of the best people in the game go to share their experience, knowing that the future of some of the most important assets there are might depend on any one of their trainees. That being so, let’s take a look at them.

8. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s Business School offers courses on financial branches such as corporate finance and security market microstructure on programs ranging from undergraduate to PhD. Furthermore it offers accounting courses with point of focus in international accounting and public sector accounting.


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