Maybe Not Baby: The 5 Best Methods of Birth Control

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Have you ever wondered which are the best methods of birth control? Nowadays, contraception is one of the most important health care issues around the world. With all the options available right now, it is easy to get confused; that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top methods of contraception. But how did we rank them? Well, first of all we decided to leave out permanent methods such as sterilization (both female and male), although the latter, vasectomy, is indeed reversible, and instead focus on the reversible methods of birth control. Moreover, we also chose to discard behavioral methods including abstinence, outercourse, withdrawal and fertility awareness. Finally, we also cast aside emergency contraceptives. All in all, regardless of our countdown, birth control should be chosen according to one’s personal needs, lifestyle and health.


Without a doubt, sexuality is one very important aspect of our adult lives and it is important to enjoy it in a responsible way. Not only is birth control significant but also protection against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. So, whether you live in one of The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World or not, taking care when having intercourse is a crucial matter, both for your own health, and to protect against any unplanned pregnancies.

Now then, let’s take a look at the countdown and find out which are the best methods of birth control.


5. The Patch

The patch is a very convenient hormonal method of contraception designed for women, and available since 2002. Basically, you stick the transdermal patch onto your stomach, buttocks, torso, thigh or arm, and it releases a combination of estrogen and progestin into your system; hormones which prevent pregnancy. What is great about this method is that you have to change it on a weekly basis and that its failure rate is minimal: 0.3% with perfect use and 9% on typical use. However, it has the disadvantages of every hormonal type of contraception and it could also cause skin reactions in some women. Finally, if you are at risk for blood clots, using the patch is not recommended.

The four best methods of birth control are yet to come on our countdown. Don’t miss them.

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