They Did What? 9 Celebrities Who Lost it in Public

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We all have a little insanity in us and can blow up if pushed to the extreme, but brace yourselves for this list of nine celebrities who lost it in public, because you’ll be shocked at what they did. Imagine going through a hard time, like infidelity in your marriage, a personal loss, substance abuse, or addiction, and then add hundreds of paparazzi and people around you, who are constantly tracking down your every move. Sounds pretty stressful right? Well, that’s the lucky life of a celebrity. Yet while some have learned to deal with the pressures of the showbiz world in a healthy way, others don’t cope so well.


From police run-ins, to public brawls and full-blown psychotic episodes, each celebrity on this list has lost it completely in public, making them the laughing stock of the public domain. In other cases there has been serious concern for the artist’s mental health, and their tantrums lead them straight to the psych ward or rehab. Either way, they all lost credibility and respect from the audience after their public debacles and never quite recovered from the incidents.

In the article about the 10 worst celebrity career moves ever, which we published last month, we mentioned a few terrible choices made by some of our “crazy” contenders, so now let’s see which celebrities truly lost it in public, and the reaction that followed.

9. Chris Brown

To anyone who even sporadically reads the tabloids, it will come as no surprise to see this name on our list of public freak-outs. In fact, Chris Brown has thrown so many violent temper tantrums in the past few years that I’m seriously questioning the ability of his anger management therapist. Let’s look beyond his lawsuit for physically abusing ex-girlfriend Rihanna and fast-forward to March 22, 2011, when the rapper had a raging outburst on the set of “Good Morning America”, trashing his dressing room and then storming out of the studio for being asked about the Rihanna incident. In 2013 he also had a steamy confrontation with Frank Ocean over a parking space, and broke a man’s nose in front of Washington D.C.’s W hotel for photobombing him.

Even that mile-long meltdown rap sheet only lands Chris Brown at number nine on our list. Check out the eight celebrities who lost it in public in an even bigger way, on the following pages.

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