On the Prowl: the 8 Most Promiscuous Rock Stars

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Musicians have historically been known for their loose belts when it comes to their sexual activity, but who are the most promiscuous rock stars in the industry? In the world of rock-and-roll, groupies are never far away, presenting a major temptation for male and female artists alike. However, while some celebrities keep their love affairs out of the spotlight, others proudly carry their crowns as infamous tigers on the prowl for a quick thrill.

Just like music has its most controversial songs of all time, which we covered in an article last month, the controversy is also a big part of these artists life. While the women on this list will certainly be subject to more scrutiny for their promiscuous behavior, the men have become icons for their ability to seduce just about anyone they set their eye on. With a James Bond allure, many of the most promiscuous rock stars were linked to models and graceful actresses, but there’s also a fair share of groupie-love and prostitution at hand, characteristic of the music industry.

From young hip-hop stars to rock icons and pop-sensations, let’s take a look at which celebrities proudly live out their sexuality with no shame and all game. These are eight of the most promiscuous rock stars around.

8. John Mayer

This California native with a pretty face made a fortune by cultivating a romantic singer-songwriter image, which helped him sell millions of albums. But when it comes to his love life, John Mayer has certainly been around the block a few times. He prefers his conquests young, beautiful, famous and at least somewhat talented, counting Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Love Hewitt among some of his many lovers in the past few years.

Seven more legendary Lotharios (and Lothariets?)  are yet to come on our list of the most promiscuous rock stars. Keep reading on the next page.

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