The 15 Biggest Coffee Drinking Countries in the World

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Have you ever wondered what the biggest coffee drinking countries in the world are? Whether it is your secret weapon to start a difficult day on the right foot, or your nightly bedside partner after an endless day, coffee is without a doubt one of the most reliable and soothing allies of our daily lives. Somehow, coffee became the fuel of our nation; a beverage that is consumed in all of its forms by 83% of the American adult population. However surprising as it may be (spoiler alert!), the United States didn’t even make the cut of the 15 biggest coffee drinking countries in the world. So you can imagine just how many cups of java are being put back in the top countries.

Biggest Coffee Drinking Countries in the World


The eternal battle between coffee and its historic rival, tea, seems like it could go on until humanity ceases to exist. Which one is healthier? Which one is tastier? Which one is more damaging to our system? Which one is preferred by humankind? Naturally, the answers to all of these questions depend on which side of the battlefield you are standing on. However, a single fact remains unquestionable: both coffee and tea are delicious and essential to our social lives. Whether you choose to enjoy a pleasant moment with your loved ones gathered around a teapot or a coffeepot, these hot beverages serve the same purpose: bringing us together on a daily basis. So I’m sure you would like to check out our list on The 10 Biggest Tea Drinking Countries in the World and find out if any of those nations made it into this countdown also.

Espresso, frozen, macchiato, Irish, ristretto, frappé, Turkish, mocha, latte, cappuccino, black, decaff, instant… there are more coffee drinks and ways of enjoying this beverage than you know of. In fact, the different variations of this delightful and ancient non-alcoholic drink seem to match the many means by which its consumption can be calculated. For this list in particular we’ve chosen to use the measure of coffee in its liquid form, specifically how many cups a person consumes every day. In this way we can actually rank the countries by the brewed volume of coffee they ingest. However, coffee consumption can also be measured by its dry weight, in kilos, metric tons, ounces, etc.

So, it’s time to get your coffee brewing, ass your milk, sugar, cream, honey, or whatever else you like to add to make the perfect cup of your favorite drink, and then sit comfortably in your chair to enjoy our delicious list of the day with your favorite beverage. Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out which are the 15 biggest coffee drinking countries in the world.

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