The 10 Most Upscale Mobile Home Parks in the World

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Want to know which are the most upscale mobile home parks in the world? In American culture, trailer parks are stereotypically regarded as the housing option of the less fortunate, the leftovers of society, those who are very near the poverty line.  Nevertheless, however oxymoronic as it may sound, there are several luxurious trailer parks around the globe. These high-end facilities are often located by the beach, the river, the lake or any other paradisiacal landscape. Moreover, the sophisticated trailer parks on our list often refer to themselves as ‘mobile home parks’, not to be related with the poorly regarded ‘trailer parks’.

Most Upscale Mobile Home Parks in the World


Naturally, to match these stunning locations and their deluxe amenities, you will need to get an extravagant mobile home. Just check our list on The 5 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes in the World and you’ll see how the typical road trip experience could be transformed into glamping (glamour camping) in the blink of an eye, and a slide of your credit card.

Let’s take a look now at the countdown and discover how the other half lives in the most upscale mobile home parks in the world, and where them, and the mobile homes parked on them,  are located.

10. Paradise Cove

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Paradise Cove has little to do with the traditional conception of what a trailer park is. Located in Malibu, California, this mobile home park offers not only an ocean view, but also access to the private beaches of Point Dume. With residents including Pamela Anderson and Minnie Driver, the ‘Cove’ is a truly paradisiacal neighborhood where you can make use of a tennis court, a basketball court, a clubhouse and a playground for the little ones.

With celebrities camped out in our number ten mobile home park, you just know the next nine are going to be spectacular. Check them out on the next page as the list of the most upscale mobile home parks in the world motors on.

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