5 Leather Goods Classes to Take in NYC

5. Brooklyn Shoe Space

Address: 224 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

You can tell from the name that this institute is all about making handmade artisan shoes. Brooklyn Shoe Space offers a wide variety of classes for those who wish to learn shoe making and also wish to design shoes. This is basically a one stop shop for everything related to handcrafted leather shoes. Apart from participating in classes and workshops, you can also buy supplies and tools required to make shoes from here. They have a lot of classes that can easily fit the needs of a complete beginner to those of a seasoned shoe maker. If you live in Brooklyn or the near vicinity, then this is the perfect place for getting started in leather working. Their classes range from a mere $65 to a whopping $1,500, depending on the topics and techniques covered. So do take your time to browse through all their courses and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Leather Goods Classes to Take in NYC

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock.com