10 Companies with the Worst Customer Service in 2017

Gone are the days when companies simply have to do some sort of settlement to those who badmouth them, and the issue will instantly stop. In some cases, they just have to cover every mistake with a gimmick or two and they can gain their good reputation back. Now that we are in the Internet era, customers have become increasingly powerful. A single negative write-up or review can be read by millions of people and can easily put off potential customers from dealing with a company. This is why now, more than ever, companies — like these 10 companies with the worst customer service in 2017 — need to be more cautious and proactive in dealing with customers. Otherwise, the brand and the company’s name can be crippled by the adverse reviews, low ratings and horror stories irate customers can possibly give out.

The World Wide Web also paved the way for a more informed customer decisions. A lot of people now are doing a research first before dealing with a company or a service provider or prior to product purchase. Also, the Internet has provided them with several avenues to rate their experience—whether as a customer or as an employee—in a particular company.

A bad reputation doesn’t just affect the company’s revenue due to decreased customers or sales but also its corporate relations. Well-respected companies would not want or may think twice in having their name associated with companies that have long erosion of reputation. Customers who cringe on the thought of dealing with a company with bad ethics or poor customer service and big companies who want to maintain their credibility by refusing to work with those brands that have bad reputation are the reasons for this list of 2017’s 10 worst companies for customer service.



The list is based on “America’s Most Hated Companies” write-up that presents companies identified by the 24/7 Wall St. after reviewing a wide range of data. Among the sources of information are Yahoo’s own customer satisfaction survey that’s being conducted annually and customer survey results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Also factored in are the companies’ financial performance as well as employee reviews on Glassdoor, a website that allows employees and former employees to leave a review about companies and their management.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10 companies with the worst customer service in 2017. In addition, you can check out our list of 16 worst companies for customer service in 2016 and see how the list has changed from one year ago.