11 Most Expensive Brands of Designer Shoes in The World

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For our list of 11 most expensive brands of designer shoes in the world, we step into a woman’s classy pair of shoes. We look at some of the most sought-after brands that are known to complete the ensemble of celebrities in red carpets and shimmer in the spotlight. But also, we take a look at why we buy them, what makes them unique, and why we spend thousands of dollars to own a pair.

An average American woman is likely to spend $20,557 on shoes in her lifetime. This figure included an estimated $671 extravagant spending on a pair of designer shoes each year. This data shows that owning one of the world’s most expensive brands of designer shoes is a thing that isn’t exclusive for the rich.

Durability and authenticity are top qualities of famous shoe brands, which are still common characteristics that buyers look into when shopping for a pair of stilettoes. Especially for online buyers, it is a must to check for signs of authenticity by asking for the serial number.

Red stilettoes

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Top shoe brands in the world aren’t expensive just because they hold a name. They are so because designers place in more effort into making sure they are chic, stylish, durable and most of all, comfortable. It all boils down to your preference.

To create an accurate list of the most expensive brands of designer shoes in the world, we surveyed for the high-end brands of designer shoes. We looked for 11 of the most expensive shoes displayed in different webshops and obtained the average price to determine the ranking. The list was narrowed after determining the average price of each brand of designer shoes. It has to be noted that our best luxury shoe brands rankings were based on the shoe prices reflected online only. This means the prices offered offline were not considered when ranking this famous shoe brands list. The prices for custom-tailored shoes were not included as the prices can reach to millions.

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Based on the acquired data from online references and shops this 2017, the 11 most expensive brands of designer shoes in the world include the following list that you can find on the next pages.

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