15 Best Chromebook Apps For Students

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Students nowadays have the best and most number of tools at their disposal, but there are just too many of the same kind. How do you pick which works best? This is why we have compiled this list of 15 Chromebook Apps for Students. A few years ago, Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) decided to step up its game by launching their own laptops which run on exclusive software. The company’s Chromebooks have recently been on the rise, and it’s thanks to one very special feature: it runs on the web browser, Google Chrome. Unlike regular run-of-the-mill laptops running on Windows and Mac operating systems, a Chromebook runs on the Chrome OS. This operating system’s primary function is its web browser, Google Chrome –that which most users favor over the classic Internet Explorer.

For students who need an efficient laptop without all the extra technicalities and features they won’t use, our top list of Chromebook apps for students will help you decide. They are also designed to be student-friendly, as some schools are already known to utilize the product. If you love this feature, you might also be fond of these 7 best Chromebook apps for College.

Some notable features students will find beneficial in a Chromebook:

a. a very quick start-up;
b. does not generate heat;
c. compact and light (the ideal size to fit in your stylish school satchel); and
d. are much more affordable than a regular laptop, especially when you’re looking to get one which boots up immediately for note-taking in class.

By removing additional and unnecessary technical specifications, Chromebooks allow students to utilize the Chrome browser’s applications. Without the heavy duty machinery and additional weight, users can expect swift and smooth navigation, and experience little to no lag to occur while browsing through the web on a Chromebook.

Here’s the catch: it does not use Microsoft Office, Paint, Adobe, or any other programs under Windows and Mac operating systems. We might be used to these softwares, but the Chrome OS runs just as smoothly (more similar to Windows). Instead, users can completely depend on Chrome’s applications, many of which are free to download at the App store.

Similar to Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s app store, Google’s has practically everything you need to utilize schoolwork. Applications we normally see on Chrome can act independently without the programs that rely on Windows and macOS. Despite how some may require internet connection, selected apps have an offline mode

Google Docs is has been a long-time Chrome application which users find most dependable. For Gmail users, Docs is a tie-in for viewing or editing attached documents. For anyone new to it, Google Docs is exactly like Microsoft Word and has all its features – except you won’t have to worry about forgetting to save your work, which occasionally happens to the best of us. Even without internet, the Chromebook retains all your writing in the cloud, relieving you of your “Did I forget to save?” anxiety.

Other related apps are Google Slides and Sheets, which act as stand-ins for PowerPoint and Excel, respectively; these, too, automatically save your progress.

Having said that, here are 15 best Chromebook apps for students, which will fully support you and your academic pursuits.

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