20 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Ladies, ladies my Mercedes, as Biggie Smalls once said–it’s time for the 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world. Even though a lot of people say they don’t judge a book by its cover, they do! It’s dumb and wrong. 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world is just the title of this list–something for fun. Everyone is truly beautiful in their own way and we take looks much too seriously. This makes us miss out on great opportunities, even if it is at the beginning before we get to know someone–platonically or romantically. 

“Pretty hurts,” like Beyonce sang. But, as TLC advised, don’t let anyone make you feel unpretty. You. are. beautiful. We’re not just saying that because you are reading this article. Although, if you can read this article, you are smart which is a beautiful quality to have in a human.

20 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

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However, every person is beautiful in their own way. When we talk about 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world, our focus is on stereotypical beauty–the boring stuff and what some people often notice first in a conventionally attractive woman.

Every person has a different taste. If one person is attractive to you, maybe they won’t be attractive for your friend. Even stereotypical beauty and physical attractiveness changes from one person to another. If you don’t meet one person’s beauty standards, the biggest mistake you can do is to label yourself as unattractive. Some people find a person’s smile, eyes and body attractive, other’s like different physical qualities entirely in that same person, while other are interested in that person’s thoughts, passion, compassion and spirit.

Happiness and confidence are incredibly important ingredients in being attractive to other people. No matter your size or shape, these things will increase your magnetism. Of course they are easier said than done for the majority of people. Still, you can work on finding things to make yourself happy and eventually it will shine through to others.  Interesting or great style, is another way to enhance your natural beauty. It doesn’t mean if you are rich you will have a great style or else you won’t, style is a reflection of your creativity. If you are a creative person, the style will speak for itself and it will say that person is hot stuff.

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In order to create the list of 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world, we looked at stereotypical beauty as judged in competitive arenas. As a major factor we took the Miss World competition from All Exam Guru, based on how many times and how long ago one country’s candidate won the title and we cross-referenced that with countries who have the largest number of models in fashion agencies and who have major contracts, like Victoria’s Secret.