11 Countries with the Hottest Guys in the World

Which are the countries with the hottest guys in the world, making women swoon everywhere? These are the men who make us want to book a one-way ticket to their countries. The countries that have a reputation for making them tall dark and handsome like no other!

Of course, every nation has its own beauty standards and expectations and we believe every ethnicity has something beautiful about their features. Women also have their own preferences when choosing their ideal type of men. While some might prefer Asian features others might go weak in the knees for the Australian hunks! But, when we looked for the traits that appeal to women the most, some nationality invariably scored better than the others and in this article we are only trying to make a quick rundown of that! So we readied our best research chops and zeroed down on the following 3 criteria to solidify our definition of “hot” – Looks, sexiness and who in the world are the best lovers.

 Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

Here’s what we did – we looked at surveys by OnePoll.com on The World’s Best Lovers and Most Attractive Nations; and also took into account dating website Miss Travel’s list of the Sexiest Nationalities for Men. We also went through last 5 years’ contenders of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive results and determined the nationalities of men that appeared the most on it. This resulted in one solid list of countries with the hottest guys in the world!

So, care for a tall drink of water? You’ll know where to head to find the most desirable men out there with our list. And, while you are at it also find out about the 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World, our other list.

Let’s take a look, shall we?