11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Starvation in the World

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If you are eager to know the 11 countries with the highest rate of starvation in the world, you’ve come across to the right article. As of 2014, around 805 million people in the world are suffering from hunger. Most of them live in developing countries.

Starvation is the state of experiencing extreme hunger and lack of nutrients in one’s body that can lead to death. Citizens of a starving country would often encounter the problem due to the economic crisis. Anorexia Nervosa is a complicated eating disorder where a person fears of gaining weight. It is a contributing factor that increases the starvation rate in a certain state.

The other significant factors that fuel starvation are drought and famine. A clean drinking water is one of the primary needs of the body. A person can survive not eating for three weeks with only access to potable water. If we don’t have enough water reserve it can cause drought. Drought can cause crop failure which then leads to famine. We can lose food supply in case of natural disasters. Tropical storms, tsunamis, floods, can flush away the agriculture community in a country’s map. Climate change gives farmers a great challenge in growing crops or producing food. This affects the income of a family that relies on their food supply in farming. These are factors that raise the number of the starvation rate in a country. Our article today is familiar with our previous post about the 11 countries with the highest rates of malnutrition in the world. You can read that previous post to know more about the common issues a malnourished community in the world is experiencing.

Here are the 11 countries with the highest rates of starvation in the world!

11. Burundi

The main source of living in Burundi is agriculture. It is surprising to know that Burundi has international partners in exporting products. Yet they belong to the countries with the highest rates of starvation in the world. Being a slave of corruption, the country faces different sufferings. This includes great poverty, starvation, lack of good education and community facilities.


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