11 Countries With the Highest Rates of Orphans in the World

It is surprising that these 11 countries with the highest rates of orphans in the world have all got a similar type of controllable problems and yet these nations continue to suffer.

We live in a world where it is getting harder and harder to survive, especially for those who are poor. With the global rise in inflation, it has become extremely difficult for an individual to afford everyday living. Things can get worse when you have to face the world at a very young age. It is probably one of the most difficult things when your parents are dead and you have to deal with all, by yourself.

Poverty is one of the major issues our world is facing today. Poverty, quality of health, and orphans are linked in many ways and it is not surprising that not even one name on our list of “The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries” is among the names on this list. There are over 2 billion children in the world right now out of which 150 to 200 million are orphans. These kids are on their own with no one to look after them. Regions with the highest number of orphans include Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Countries under war or economic crisis are facing an increase in the number of orphans. For example due to the crisis in Syria, about 70,000 families took refuge and out of these many were helpless children – 4,000 of them to be exact. Imagine living a life with no guidance, no love and no direction. It is bound to be tough!



Children who are left alone after their parents have died due to poverty, war, illness, invasion, natural disaster… find it hard to cope with life since they are young and unaware of how to deal with the tough situations that come across early in the life. The situation can get worse if these kids are in poor countries as there are no proper rehabilitation centers for kids there. They are usually left at the mercy of their fate and as a result of that they end up becoming victims of human trafficking, child labor, prostitution, drug abuse, criminal gangs, organ mafia, etc. From 1987 to 2007, organ mafia kidnapped about a million children.

Different NGOs and organizations are working towards providing shelter and education to these children. These NGOs are mainly covering 46 of the most affected regions. Here they provide help to orphans on a daily basis. These regions include Afghanistan, Arakan, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq Haiti, Patani, Lebanon, and Palestine.  Their efforts are indeed making a difference, but it is certainly not enough.  More and more initiatives are required in order to eradicate the exploitation of children at young age.

We have gathered information from different regions and have come up with 11 countries with the highest rates of orphans in the world.