The 11 Most Effective Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

Move ahead from the competition with this list of 11 most effective advertising strategies for small businesses. Anyone that’s running a business can attest the difficulty of running and maintaining one. Small businesses especially have it tough because they have to face numerous competitors. They may have great ideas that don’t live out to expectations because of bad advertising strategies. For every type of business, great strategies can lead to bigger sales and bigger profits.

For readers out there that don’t know where to start yet, this list is best paired with the 12 Most Profitable Businesses. A combo that will surely rake in profit once it gets going. You may be interested in what’s profitable, or just trying to build something based on your passion. This list can get you ahead.

Over the years we’ve seen the rise of different marketing and advertising strategies. The rise and fall usually come with trends and new technologies. For example, advertising strategies from 50 years ago wouldn’t be as effective today considering the new mediums we have. They did not have a widespread internet connection back then. Smartphones weren’t also something on people’s radars. However, we may still find a few lessons and strategies from the past that hold true today. You can get your own inspiration for your small business. Let’s get to the first strategy.

11. TV and Radio

Though TV and Radio had their times in the spotlight long ago, they are still widely used technology today. They’ve actually improved and innovated in the last few years with digital and internet integration. If you’re living in a town that has a local radio station or TV network, that can be a great opportunity to advertise.

Goran Bogicevic/

Goran Bogicevic/