11 Most Innovative Companies in the World

Are you curious about which are the most innovative companies in the world? Great innovations are always a welcome breath of fresh air in the otherwise mundane corporate functioning and these companies are not only cutting the clutter but also making big bucks at that. They are the pioneers of radical thinking who are setting an example for the corporate world that sometimes big risks come out with great results.

Of course there have been skeptics along the way and the road to innovation hasn’t always been a smooth ride for these explorers but they have marched on with a strong belief in their products and business formats. They have brought upon a change in the way consumers think and have spearheaded technological developments across industries. The list at hand today is based upon the reports of the 2014, Boston Consulting Group, Global Innovators Survey. And, at one glance we can deduct that these companies belong to a wide range of industries but are definitely some of the biggest names in their respective industries. Also, as opposed to the 16 Most Hated Companies in America, they have actually built upon strong values and gained a strong support and trust among their customers.



Some of them are traditional companies who have just been incorporating technological advancement and keeping up with the trends and demands of their consumers. While others, like Apple, initially started out as niche brands but were successful in expanding their consumer base manifold by the cutting edge thought processes. Apple, for one, has been able to keep up its reputation for years and has been on the undefeated top spot of the most innovative countries in the world for 9 consecutive years. A very commendable achievement we must say.

So, let’s brush up our knowledge about the avant-garde companies of the world, who are redefining the links between innovation and profits.