10 Most Expensive and Biggest Celebrity Homes in 2015

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Here are the 10 most expensive and biggest celebrity homes in 2015, which will definitely make you ask why on earth you weren’t wealthy.

Every time we see a two storey house with a huge living room, a mansion with a lovely patio, or a bungalow with a kick ass garden; we usually end up getting amazed and a little bit envious (we really can’t deny the latter though!).

But how would you react if I told you that there are actually houses which have twenty bathrooms inside it? You are not impressed, you say? Well, how about after hearing that there are houses which have their own mini golf? That is just super crazy, right? But what if someone would mention about a house which has its very own zoo; wouldn’t you flip out?!


As you continue to read this article about the 10 most expensive and biggest celebrity homes in 2015, you are definitely gonna do more than just flipping out, for you are about to get your mind blown. Fasten your seat belt, because we are gonna be talking about gigantic mansions which have Olympic sized swimming pools, basketball courts, ice skating rink, lakes, and many more!

Note: most of these gargantuan houses are in wealthiest cities in the United States of America!

10. Michael Jordan

Of course, the term celebrity does not only pertain to actors, actresses and singers. There are also very wealthy and popular celebrities in the field of Sports, you know! One of these well-endowed sports celebrities is, of course, Michael Jordan.

MJ is, without a doubt, a basketball icon who have revolutionized and had taken the sport into a whole new level; making basketball a huge hit, not only in the U.S., but also all over the world!

And our top 10 most expensive celebrity home belongs to none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan!

Located at Chicago, Illinois, Jordan’s mansion is one heck of a house! The home, as a whole, is composed of nine bedrooms, one guesthouse with three bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, mini golf, grass inland, three garages, a tennis court, a fabulous gym, one swimming pool, a cigar room, a lake, and another garage with a capacity of fourteen cars! How crazy is that! There’s no wonder why this 56,000 square foot gigantic mansion costs approximately $29 million! Michael Jordan definitely owns one of the biggest celebrity homes in the U.S.!

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