9 Part Time Summer Jobs for Teachers

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If you are a teacher, then you have probably wondered which are the best part time summer jobs for teachers at least once in your life. Lots of teachers decide to take part time summer jobs, maybe because teaching has always been known as a job that doesn’t pay particularly well. Of course, it changes from case to case: it’s never the same to be a university teacher in Oxford or Sao Paulo, than working in a high school in the middle of nowhere. But, usually, most teachers tend to find part time jobs to cover all of their needs: summer can be particularly a good moment to make some extra money. That’s why we’ve elaborated a list of 9 part time summer jobs for teachers, so you can take your mornings to sleep and your evening to work. But if a part time job is not enough, you can always read our 10 best summer jobs for teachers recommendation list, so you can work the whole hot day long, while kids are going to Disney World’s water parks.

There are plenty of options when it comes to search a part time job, as well as there are plenty of options when it comes to search summer jobs. Some of the options we offer here are equally suitable for part time jobs during the whole year, some others are particularly good for summertime. Coaching or tutoring, for example, can help you complete your monthly salary all the year long, while preparing kids for tests or reading groups can be perfect for a summer term.

One first thing you can ask yourself at the time of starting a job search is what are you prepared to do? If you already have a degree in teaching, probably it’s a good idea to take advantage of your knowledge in the field and try to look for something closely related to education. You can always try something different: if you’re a great dancer, you can try with dancing lessons, if you like to write, you can try starting a blog. But if you don’t feel confident on topics out of  your degree, we can help you find something that suits your pedagogic education and your field of work with this  9 Part Time Summer Jobs for Teachers list.

So here we go…

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