Top 5 Celebrity Marriages Which Should Have Had Prenups

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Here are the top 5 celebrity marriages which should have had prenups which will surely blow your mind. No matter how rich and famous these celebrities have been, with these wedding disasters, they surely are actors who have sabotaged their careers in their own ways! You may have this weird idea that happy endings are only meant for either kings and queens, prince and princesses, those Disneyworld characters – and well – celebrities.But the truth is a little bit different.


In the movies those happy ever afters might be very attainable for actors, actresses, and all the other celebrities. But hey, real life is a different matter! These celebrities just can’t help but be a part of the 50% of the population of married couples which eventually end up signing those divorce papers. However, unlike other normal people, the people on our list of top 5 celebrity marriages which should have had prenups, have millions of assets and properties, which would make the thought of marriage and divorce seem like business! And if marriage and divorce would be part of the business world – these celebrities would surely be the worst businessmen/women ever!

And tell you what? After reading these top 5 celebrity marriages which should have had prenups, you might say that getting married to a rich man/woman, not getting a prenup, and eventually getting divorced sounds a thousand times better than working your ass off at the office! Let’s see who are those “lucky” ex-couples:

5. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey marriage

I’m sure that just like me, you too were devastated after hearing the news that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey already called it quits. The once perfect and in love reality TV couple, decided to end their marriage, just three years after tying the knot.

Sure, at the beginning of the marriage, both parties seemingly had the same net worth, so a celebrity prenup would not seem necessary.  But after the divorce, it turned out that Jessica was the one who was earning bigger dough, reaching approximately $35 million. Her father tried to settle things out with Nick, offering $1.5 million, but it was useless. Nick allegedly walked away with $10 million after the whole divorce.

Tough luck for Jessica, having been involved in a celebrity marriage disaster. She’s now pretty careful though with new hubby, NFL player Eric Johnson, and even thinking about a celebrity prenup.

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