The 11 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums to Build

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When talking about the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build, one must first understand the depth of impact of football on American culture. The sport, often described as the “American passion” (as opposed to baseball, which is nicknamed the “National Pastime”), showcases just how significant football has been to the American public.

Originally, football stadiums were built to simply accommodate the players and their fans; however, as the years passed, and the sport became more and more popular, the design and purpose of NFL stadiums evolved, incorporating pleasure and comfort, as well as numerous amenities that turned them into complete destinations for sports teams. You might, as well, be interested in checking our list of the 10 most profitable US sports teams.


Currently, the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build, as well as dozens of others out there are not just used for hosting football games. Their open fields and large seating capacities also make them ideal for concerts, festivals, city-wide celebrations, and more. Additionally, these football stadiums stand as testaments to the architectural progress that America has achieved all throughout these years.

11. The University of Phoenix Stadium

This massive football arena located in the heart of Glendale, Arizona was built in 2003 and hosted a wide range of events including the 2011 BCS National Championship Game and Super Bowl XLII. Built on a cost of $527 million, the University of Phoenix Stadium boasts a seating capacity of 63,400, as well as 14,000 on-site parking spaces and a movable field. There is also an eight-acre field called the “Great Lawn” which can be used for tailgating events.

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