10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA

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The most expensive medical procedures in the USA is a list that will show you the most expensive and most complex procedures you can receive nationwide. A certain time comes in everyone’s life when they just have to visit the hospital for something more than a routine check up. While some people never need to get under the knife for any particular reason, there are some less fortunate of us who have gone or will have to go through surgery. Surgery, in its own way, is nothing to joke about, no matter how minor. Even so, we are all lucky to live in a time when medical procedures have advanced enough to have a very favorable success ratio, even in the more complex of them.

Today’s well-trained doctors and fascinating technology allow us to have a pretty good chance standing against serious illness or injury which requires surgery. Medicine today is even able to replace organs and soon enough – body parts with more ease than ever, being able to also assist the process of recovery in a vast variety of ways. While that is an amazing feat of our development, it is often closely tied to being able to afford it.


Whenever serious surgery is required, people who can afford it often choose to contact worldwide renowned specialists and arrange for a spot in some of the best hospitals in the world. Even though the average US medical facilities did not make it a part of our list of the 6 countries with the best hospitals, people in the States spend more than eight hundred and seventy billion dollars on healthcare collectively per year. A lot of the money goes towards the huge number of surgeries performed annually.

Given the controversy around the state of healthcare in the United States, it would be interesting to find out which surgeries are among the most expensive medical procedures in the USA.

10. Gallbladder removal  – $122 000+

The Gallbladder, an organ which plays a fairly important role in digestion, often causes problems for people of age.Being one of the more common procedures performed on people, gallbladder removal is done in case of a severe dysfunction or the buildup of painful deposits called gallbladder stones.

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