10 Great Places for College Students to Work

Getting through college without going bankrupt is quite the ordeal but thankfully, these 10 great places for college students to work allow college students ideal situations to find the right balance in life during one of the life’s most demanding stages.

For those of us who do not belong to the top 1% of the population, getting a job in college is mandatory. We are not given options on whether we should take a job or not; all the choice we are given is on where we choose to work to make the whole experience worthwhile.

10 Great Places for College Students to Work


But what does a ‘great workplace’ mean, specifically for a college student? To answer this question, we have to look closely into the needs that are unique to working students. One, working college students need time. They need time to attend to every paper, homework and a quiz that college teachers hand out to them with reckless abundance – therefore, a great workplace is one that does not take up all their time. Secondly, college students need money. With the costs of books, tuition, and living among others, there is just no sitting down to opportunities to earn that extra buck. Thus, this means that a great workplace for working college students should offer decent compensation. Third, working college students need flexibility. They need a job that gives them the freedom to fulfill their positions without having to compromise their performance in school – pretty much like the occupations listed in our article – Easiest part time jobs for college students.

To make this list, we’ve consulted suggestions from several sources including Forbes, and Business Insider. While there is not one definition of what makes a ‘great’ workplace for college students, we have picked out the ones that offer good pay, more easily manageable and flexible with time, and maybe even offer opportunities to student workers on their education.

Read on to find out if your current workplace is on the list, or if you should already consider getting a new job!