11 Easiest Part Time Jobs for College Students

If you’re looking for the easiest part time jobs for college students, you have come to the right place. We have compiled eleven types of jobs that are easy enough to make sure you won’t have to give up study time or socializing while you’re earning on the side.

But how do we exactly define ‘easy’ jobs? For this list, easy means something that does not require any specialized technical skills, does not demand too much time, and are mostly stress-free. And of course, easy jobs should not cause you to worry as soon as your shift is over.

11 Easiest Part Time Jobs for College Students

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And if that’s not good enough yet, some of the jobs listed here are also listed in our article for the 12 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students!

We’ve taken suggestions from several sources including SheKnows, Life Hack, and Valedictorian’s Guide and came up with 11 jobs ranked according to how easy they are to get, to do, and to keep. Check out the list!


11. Online freelancer

With websites like Upwork and MyOutDesk, working online has never become so easy. Online freelancing is as free as it sounds and does not require anything more than a good stable internet connection and a trusty PC. Like any great part time job, online freelancers can choose which jobs to do, how much time they would spend on the job, and even how much they’d charge for their services – all in the comfort of their computers. Popular choices for this include freelance writing, virtual assistant tasks, and online marketing.

11 Easiest Part Time Jobs for College Students

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