11 Worst Cities For Bedbugs in America

Going to bed like you do every night and waking up with welts on your body isn’t something that anyone wants, but it’s something that happens due to some nasty pests, especially in these 11 worst cities for bedbugs in America.

Bedbugs aren’t exactly new in the world, and they have a history going back thousands of years. These nasty insects have a habit of feeding on humans while infesting their beds, hence the name. For a while, starting after the Second World War, bedbugs were nearly eradicated in developed countries thanks to newly developed pest control products. The fact that vacuums and washing machines were beginning to be more and more used was also useful to fix the situation.

11 Worst Cities For Bedbugs in America

Perhaps the worst part about bedbugs is the fact that even if your home is free of them and you go to a hotel or someone else’s home, where they’re a problem, you’re likely to have them tag along and infest your own space too.

Frankly, just thinking about this gives me phantom itches. But we need to move forward with how to figure out if you have a problem. Well, first of all, you might notice small red or brown fecal spots on your mattress, walls, and upholstery, as well as shed skin, bug eggs or empty eggshells. Basically, everything that nightmares are made of. Since this also has to be mentioned, we’re going to throw in there the fact that red bite marks might appear on your body, giving away the presence of the bedbugs. And, if you were wondering, they’re going to itch.

Getting rid of these nasty fellows isn’t impossible, but it is a lengthy process, especially since they’re so hard to spot. The best solution, and the easiest at the same time is simply to call professionals to deal with them for you. Alternatively, you can use heat treatments for bedbugs, using steam on your items, and so on. Professionals may even smoke up your room.

When traveling you should take care to check whether there are any signs of infestation, including if the sanitization of the room is up to par. The best places to look is under the mattress, box spring, in the sheets or furniture. Your luggage should be checked and double checked and the clothes washed at high temperatures in case you noticed any bedbugs.

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In order to create this list we took a look at the 2015 Bed Bug Cities List published by Orkin, a top pest control company. Without further ado, here are the 11 worst cities for bedbugs in America.