11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Occupational Therapists

An extremely underrated profession, occupational therapy is finally getting its due recognition, especially from these 11 cities with the highest demand for occupational therapists. Occupational therapy is the process by which patients who have suffered from either physical or mental ailments or deficiencies learn how to resume their basic skills and reintegrate into the world.

It is one of the occupations which is centered around the specific needs of the client; in this case, their rehabilitation. Occupational therapy attempts to help the client adapt to the environment surrounding him or her while also teaching skills which will enable them to carry out daily activities with relative ease. Further, it aims to involve the family, friends and relatives of the client as well, which is an integral part of restoring the skill set of the client.

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Occupational Therapists


In order to ensure that their practice is effective for the client, occupational therapists often work alongside other professionals such as speech therapists, nurses, and physical therapists.

Occupational therapy has been in use since ancient Greek times, with Asclepiades being one of the first physicians, who practiced this type of therapy.

Due to the inherent nature of the work, occupational therapists can practice in a variety of settings, such as working with children or people who suffer from mental illnesses.

Occupational therapy can be a rewarding job, not just in terms of spirit, but in monetary terms as well. In some of the cities in this country, occupational therapists can make over $100,000 annually, a salary on par with psychologists, as seen in the 11 cities with the highest demand for psychologists.

In order to determine the cities with the highest demand for occupational therapists, we ascertained the cities which pay the highest salaries to occupational therapists as higher salaries are a direct result of high demand. Furthermore, we also traced the cities which have the highest number of occupational therapists since more jobs are also a direct result of high demand. We used the average of both the criteria mentioned in order to determine our ranking.