11 Worst Countries for American Expats

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Moving to another country, whether temporary or permanently, is never easy and it’s even harder in these 11 worst countries for American expats.

It seems that Americans that move abroad are, in part, looking for an adventure, while another big part looks to simply enjoy living somewhere else. A third of those who move abroad like it so much that they even consider moving there permanently, leaving the United States behind. A survey reveals that 81 percent of American expats are satisfied with their life abroad in general, only small percentages showing complete dissatisfaction with their new lives.

Data shows that 56 percent of expats are females, and 44 percent are males, while their average age sits over 45. The top countries chosen by Americans are Germany, China, and Mexico.

Surveys indicate that 8 percent of American expats live in countries that have the same local languages as back home. This is interesting because about a third of American expats speak only English, while only 42 percent speak an additional language. This makes it important that the number of English speakers in the country of destination is as high as possible. If you want,  you can check to see if these are on the 8 worst dressed countries in the world or if they’re not.

In order to create our list we took a look at several lists with the best and worst expat destinations, namely from Expat Insider and the Expat Explorer Survey. And then cross-checked these with a list of the countries where there are the least English speakers. Each country received a score based on their position among the last 20 entries; if they are present among the nations with the fewest speakers of English, then another 5 points is added to the total. In the end, we came up with this list of the 11 worst countries for American expats.

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