Top 10 US Cities for Saving Money

Which are the top 10 US cities for saving money?

In today’s harsh economy, a lot of emphases is put on the importance of saving money. Whether we’re talking about traditional piggy banks, retirement funds, emergency accounts, or savings funds, setting some money aside is essential for most American households. However, the reality is that not that many people are actually saving up cash.

Top 10 US Cities for Saving Money


In these modern times, it is almost impossible to save some bucks, and technology is certainly not helping in that aspect. If you are curious to find something more about how money and technology are related, check out our article on top 5 ways in which technology has changed the way we look at the money.

Nonetheless, the issue is not always our inability to stop erratic spending and save a buck here and there. Sometimes, the problem might just be our city of residence. Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 10 US cities for saving money, based on a survey released by GoBankingRates, which took a look at 100 of the largest cities in the country and scored them according to sales taxes, unemployment rates, household income, home prices, and savings account rates, in order to determine the best and the worst cities for saving money.

Before we present you with the best cities for building your wealth, let’s see what is at the other end of the spectrum – worst US cities for saving money. Can you guess, where in America is hardest to save some bucks? This is not so hard to guess; everyone knows that New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco must be there. Let’s see on which positions! Worst US cities for saving money are:

1. San Francisco, CA

2. Los Angeles, CA

3. Irvin, CA

4. New York City, NY

5. Oakland, CA

6. San Jose, CA

7. Long Beach, CA

8. Fremont, CA

9. Stockton, CA

10. Santa Ana, Ca

Domination of California was also expected, right? But, do you have any idea what are the top US cities for saving money? Let’s take a look at the countdown.